Michel Campfens is a Dutch photographer based in Haarlem. Through the years his work has been published in many magazines and has also been used in media campaigns, advertising brochures and annual reports. He is specialized in portraits on location as well as studio portraits.

In his work he is very passionate about making the ordinary extraordinary. Doing that, he succeeds in embellishing the surroundings you usually take for granted and he will make you look again. He also knows how to create a very specific, original and beautiful atmosphere. This is very characteristic for his work.

This talent is not only demonstrated is his portraits but also in his landscape photography. A not so very photogenic location will become a surprisingly beautiful background when he captures it.

As a result, Lürzer's Archive has selected Michel Campfens to be one of the " 200 Best AD Photographers Worldwide”  2016/2017.

Michel mainly works in Holland but would love to push the boundaries worldwide.